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All of our bikes have a maximum safe load limit which varies according to the model. You must remember that the rider and your self are included in the weight limit on the bike and we need to know beforehand so we can organise an appropriate rider and bike for your comfort and safety.
Can I take my own camera and take photos?
Yes you certainly can; if you wish to take photos while the bike is moving, please inform the rider before departure. Unless specifically requested to the contrary, HDCR reserves the right to use any photos taken by our riders or passengers in any promotional material advertising our services without further permissions or fees payable.
What happens if it is raining on the day of my ride?
If it's raining or rain is forecast you may be called prior to your pick up time. At our discretion we may cancel or postpone the ride or alternatively will let you make the decision. If you decide to go ahead then the rider will proceed with the transfer if safe to do so. If you change your mind after this time the ride will not be rebooked. All/any refunds will be at our discretion.
Is there a surcharge for Public Holidays or night rides?
No. Our daily prices are the same no matter what day you book. Our services may not be available on certain public holidays or times. Night rides are not generally undertaken and must be discussed and quoted separately.  

Do I have to pay for tolls?
Yes. All/any tolls and entrance fees as well as refreshments and meals.

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